Foundling Review is an online 
        literary magazine that wants to         
        give you an opportunity to     
        publish your best work. 

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        What makes us different? 
        Nothing much.
        We hold PhD and Masters
        degrees in areas that are totally
        unrelated to fine arts. But we    
        love reading, writing, 
        and have an overwhelming 
        passion for the well-crafted    

        We publish once every fifteen to
        thirty days.

Long Journey Home

Our response time will be 6-8 weeks, usually less.


If you would like to contact us for anything, including suggestions, critiques, or compliments, please email:

If you do not hear from us about your submission within 5 weeks, please send us an email or resend your piece.

If you have a sensational, stirring photograph (we prefer portrait orientation  - as opposed to landscape - and like black & white / sepia-tones) that you want us to use on our website, feel free to send it to us. Only send us photographs that you have taken, that is your work.   


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