the prosaic nature of my dreams
bothers me
the simple act of sleeping
has become testimony to the arid landscape
of my mind

a walk to the shops
a day at the beach

my subconscious has decided
to open up the lines of communication
and the message that it wishes  to convey
is that it's work here is done

Russell is a Brit who has recently moved to Vancouver, Canada. He has had work published in Inscribed,
Camroc Press Review and upcoming in Writers Bloc.

"Night" came out of the fact that I'd had a series of fairly mundane dreams and I wanted to link that with the difficulties I was having in writing anything that I was satisfied with. In a way it's a poem about not being able to write a poem, but it was also interesting to me why I was having those dreams.  I settled on the last line because I see it as being ambivalent, on the one hand it signals creative torpor but on the other it could also signal peace of mind.


Copyright 2009