Love came not too late to appreciate
the step at the back door that says
I’m home. Corners have changed. Before
everything was angles. Now rooms’ edges
dissolve in companionship as embraces wake
up milled wood of the building’s frame,
stir wires that link bulbs and sockets
to a power source way, way up the hill
where a dam seals a river as
landscape’s sacrifice for this feeling.

Alexa Mergen's poems are forthcoming in Nimrod International Journal of Poetry and Prose and Theodate. She was a 2013 official contributor of found poems to Pulitzer Remix. For more on Alexa's poems, essays and stories, please visit

I started "Love Poem" in 2009 after I resigned from a demanding job that I very much enjoyed to return to writing full-time. In 18 months with the organization, I had traveled to half a dozen cities to lead education workshops. There had always been a tension between going and staying in my life, and that year I started to appreciate having a home and someone to share it with, "the step at the back door," and what it means to the landscape when we commit to a place and to trying to understand it.




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