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Artwork. Prelude, by Phil Richards

As a writer, have you felt, I have this story that I am ready to submit but wish someone respectable looked at it and commented on it? As writers we have felt that, often.
So we started Bolster

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Our Bolster Partners

Douglas Campbell 
Douglas' fiction has appeared online and in print, in publications such as Literary Potpourri, FlashMe Magazine, Everyday Fiction, and Jabberwocky... read more.

Ajay Vishwanathan
Three-time Best of The Net Anthology nominee, Ajay has work published or forthcoming ... read more.


What kind of editing support do you provide?

We offer detailed comments, honest critiquing, and suggestions to improve your piece. We believe writers appreciate and often seek good feedback on something they have spent time working on. 

Who will provide me with the editing support?

People we trust to give you something that you will appreciate and work with. Our support partners are listed to the left.

Can you provide me with review samples to give me an idea of what to expect? 

Of course we can! We have had several authors who have used Bolster in the past years. Just email us at: contact[at]foundlingreview[dot]com 

Do you charge for your support? 

We do

What makes your pricing attractive?  

We have looked at editing rates in the industry. And believe writers shouldn't be paying so much for getting their work reviewed. We want to keep it affordable. 

We are also writers and would love to get honest opinion and critiques from published writers for a nominal fee. 

We want to be reasonable, and charge only to pay our Bolster partners for their time, our submission manager Submishmash for processing the payment, and to sustain our website.

And we have the Bolster Edge.

What is this Bolster Edge? 

For the price you pay, you will get TWO reviews. Your document will have comments from two different reviewers who will work independently. Getting two reviews for these prices is something special.    

Why would one want his piece reviewed?  

Because this is a competitive world of subjective selection. Third-person perspective is crucial to improving a story.

What are your rates? 

$17 (for Flash fiction; up to 1000 words)

$23 (for stories up to 2500 words)

$28 (for stories up to 4000 words)

$34 (for stories up to 5000 words)

Remember the Bolster Edge

Can you guarantee publication? 

We get asked that often. No one can guarantee publication. We can guarantee that it will be reviewed by folks who have been published in respectable journals.

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