I find broken vessels
and I give them human names.

Man as ship, as hour glass,
as aircraft, as silver tube of chemicals.

Please, I beg you:
carry the weight of my want.

But these flimsy objects
never talk back to me.

All I hear is
orphan music.

All I own is
a bouquet of bones and blood.

Lisa holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona's Creative Writing program. Her work has appeared in such online
magazines as Sawbuck, Snow Monkey, Gloom Cupboard, Nimble, Slow Trains, Back Room Live, and others. Ms. Cole also won the Lois Nelson award for non-fiction in 2005.

It is a piece in a manuscript, Dreams of the Living, that I am working on, which in simple terms, is about intimacy in relationships . Some other recurring themes in the manuscript are representations of the body and the intricacies of memory and obsession, which I think are all reflected in this piece.




Copyright 2009