Slide into our head via characters on a screen.

Make your voice whisper fingers,

for we hate the startle and jump a ringtone brings.

Your introvert wants your plans, needs your friendship,

but spare us the tinny chirps and bells.


We know you think us antisocial

but we like your company, we really do.

It mainly has to do with avoiding the rude,

the interruption and yap-yap into the brainhole,

collapsing our thought world, destroying the moment.


Please forgive us for letting you slip to voice mail.

We are here for you always - through pixels and letters,

or face-to-face contact;  by petroglyphs abraded in rock;

by skywriting with clouds and flag semaphore.

Just don't be surprised if we shy away from your call!




Angel La Canfora's poetry has won awards from Writer's Digest and Grey Sparrow Press and has appeared in a number of publications, including Snow Jewel magazine, the Zodiac Review, Star 82 Review, Two Cities Review and Blue Bonnet Review. Angel also appeared at the 2014 Vegas Valley Book Festival where she read her poetry onstage in the poetry pavilion. She lives in Henderson, Nevada.


I wasn't always introverted. I was a raucous, hyper, chatty tomboy of a kid. Introversion gradually took hold from adolescence onwards. It seems the older I get, the more inward I become. Maybe I'm like a star out in the universe, swelling up in its end days then collapsing in on itself. Or maybe I've just been through a lot of crap in recent times and have withdrawn to psychically heal. Whatever the cause, this poem came about after yet again having to defend my quietude. Introverts are people, too!



Copyright 2009