Dark ocean air swirled around Cela as she looked out over the foam.  Despite her scarf and mittens, the tart memory of life's perfect rhythm, muffled under sorrow, chilled her.

The deserted boardwalk echoed with her footsteps, reverberations of the solemn song that circled in her heart, crashing in those empty chambers like spent waves.

Summer was two hundred kisses ago.  She could still hear the voice of that little boy with the mocha eyes.  He'd once held up his hand to her, fingers curled around some secret treasure.  Opening in her memory, fireflies rose to the wind, a million stars in flight. Those confetti dreams set free.

Imbued with the inspiration of universal interconnectedness, this piece celebrates the ebb and flow of that dynamic: that giving and receiving are correlative, as are happiness and sadness, death and life.

Linda Manning is a degreed biologist who currently lives in the American Midwest where she enjoys simple living, cooking, gardening, and the arts. You can visit her blog at Notes from Linda.




Copyright 2009