What we seek





Fiction: 100 - 2000 words (no multiple submissions)

Poetry: up to 50 lines (NOT more than 5 poems at a time)

We are not interested in reading  homophobic diatribe, graphic eroticism, fan fiction, sexist passages, religious blitz, porn, or racist proclamations.

All work [in plain text please; avoid rich text] should be sent in the body of an email to:

Please also include a short third-person 

biographical note (up to 100 words) in the body of the email.

Put Submission, Fiction/Poetry in the subject line along with the name you wish to be published under.

For now, we accept reprints, although they should carry a real wallop for us to print them. [Please note in your email REPRINTS, and give us the name of the publishing market]. Often, we invite reprints that delight us.

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you tell us IMMEDIATELY when it gets accepted by another market. We will be the first to congratulate you for it. 

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