I stand on the porch on my grandmother's house
coffee cup ghosts rise as I stare into the rice fields
golden oceans of chattering grain, the sound
of a thousand mouse church ladies gossiping in whispers
before the sermon on the evils of gossip.

This porch was playroom for my cousin Renee and me
all those stifling hot summer afternoons
when cicadas went off like a flash flood at four
growing from the sound of bells on gypsy dancers' ankles
to a roar of rain of a million pennies on a tin roof
then falling quiet more quickly than it started.

As I close my eyes I can see Aunt Joyce standing
at her ironing board not ironing but instead cursing
at the antics of some harlot on "The Edge of Night"
swearing a woman would never get away with that
around here.

The centurion oaks, three giant brutes,
spread their massive shields above their trunks
to shade the house from temperatures that surely
would ignite it, at least in the opinion
of a nine-year old boy.

A sound of weak thunder cracks the silence
and the smell of ozone fills the yard
as the humidity gives gently away
to an out of place breeze.

From the east I see the rain approaching,
which, at this time of year, is never good
for rice and old men.

Terry Miller is an award winning poet from Fort Bend County, Texas.  His first  book of poetry, "The Day I Killed Superman" will be released in 2010. His work has been published or is forthcoming in several journals including The Foundling Review, The Seven Circle Press, The Houston Literary Review,  The Edison Literary Review, anthologies of  the Gulf Coast Poets, Sol Magazine and Birmingham Arts Journal."  He is a member of the Poetry Society of  Texas,  the Gulf Coast Poets Society, the founder of the Fort Bend Poets Group and the Fort Bend County Poet Laureate Competition.  Terry is a professor
of  eMarketing and holds an Innovation Fellowship at Kaplan University.


Copyright 2009