Silently, we stand: touching elusively
within a pervasive fog, staring at the act
of cauterizing darkness, to exhume
those shattered bones
from memory's bleak burial ground.

The alleys of disbelief and warmth converge
where we meet years ago,
and we stand in the crowd  of shapeless emotions,
lucid, on that grass,
now seeping through our cells.

You pull me, and we dash to that coordinate
of inception - there the melting thickened sleet,
freed in amorphous drops, coagulates,
and then overwhelms, like tears of limpid blood
from the soul of an abandoned sprite;

I want to lave in that,
to come out pure, rejuvenated,
then restart -
shards of the broken frames
heaped carefully.

We hardly see the weed
weaving the scattered motes
deep within its pulse,
and wrapping around the pieces of
an irrevocable past.

The author has worked in many areas of physics but enjoys writing and art.  Fariel's work has been published or
forthcoming in DecomP, Ygdrasil, BluePrintReview and more.  She has also exhibited art internationally.  

The poem was written when I was going through a very difficult episode. I started composing poetry and art to deal with my inner struggles regarding how to cope with specific situations - understanding balances among emotional ties, responsible moves, practicality of actions and the need to take decisions when no easy solutions exist. 

Often, the need for time changes relationships or forces us to make choices we later regret. At times, our happiest memories lie with people we cannot forgive.  These are issues my background in physics and math never taught me to tackle.  However, the complexity of life often pushes one to try to understand the nuances of these concepts, and one must find one's own solutions and learn to live with them.   




Copyright 2009