I'm electric in the spring sun,

nomad in the summer dust,

my lantern burns

without fuel,

I lie in the deep grass

with microphones tossed

over my ears -

and feel like I'm on a high -


blue-green grass,

pink sunglasses in my left hand,

teeth pearly white ivory tusks,

muscle tee shirt, with brown sash

from shoulder to hip,

crazy beads around my neck,

yellow-orange shaped like

candy corn -

life is but a blitz,

I'm electric in the sun,

and there is no cell phone

by my side. 

Michael Lee Johnson poet, Itasca, Illinois. "From Which Place the Morning Rises" and "The Lost American: from Exile to Freedom" are available at: The original version of The Lost American, is at:
http:/  Published in 23 countries.  His website:  All of his books are now available on

I think Electric in the Sun was a rebellion against getting old, a 60's left over fade, a rebellion against recent technologies:  iPhone gadgetry, photo cellular phones, BlackBerry, Smartphones, and other forms of cool gizmos.  I've been in business for myself for 13 years, and in 1981 used to sell the first cellular phones by Motorola, since then I have not owned any cellular phone or devices .  I must admit I don't miss them.  Nor do I miss all the people in my local grocery store calling home with headsets to ask
which brand of peas the family prefers tonight.  I'd rather feel the spring breeze, toss the hippy bead around my neck, listen to bird sounds,  be just cool to myself, and pet my kitten Nikki.



Copyright 2009