We need prompting.
My parents were prompted by theirs
to get married before I arrived, so, I was saved
from bastardhood.

The story of my life - always prompted,
a life-long habit.
Some self-start, wake up knowing exactly what
the day has in store for them.

I might not have a single friend who does that. Boring.
Always prepared, in love with life, ready to tackle
the world, devour its pleasures,
spit out its bits of distastefulness. Oy.

Maybe because my folks were married
hastily by a rabbi - the only affordable dignitary
available on a minute's notice - that I got off
to an uncertain start, directionally challenged.

My wife is my GPS, rarely wrong
about direction or the intent of people, advising
where to turn, when to turn off, a real gift.
And a gift to me, oblivious of signs and predators.

May we all be blessed with a GPS system of sorts,
either a little mechanical package or a partner
with the patience to steer us along.
Now, where was I going with this? No idea.

Bill Roberts writes poetry for enjoyment. Both a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, more than a thousand of his poems have appeared in small-press  magazines. His seminar shows how to write a poem a day in 15 minutes, then take it to market. A former nuclear scientist, he lives with a wife and two dogs who  try futilely to obedience train him in Broomfield, Colorado. Contact Bill at [email protected]


As with so many of my poems, I started off with merely the title, a provocative statement that might sum up my lifetime. The words roll out of their free will onto the screen in less than fifteen minutes. I love this freedom of mind, often the result it produces. Being scientifically trained and having worked in a most conservative industry, freedom of mind and spirit is important to me. My life is pretty well-organized, my calendar always full of things to do, so it's nice to fall off the well-trod track now and then. This poem tries to capture that will-o'-the-wispness, a state that none of us can fully attain. But those rare times it happens are bliss. And it's lucky for me I've had an understanding wife and life coach, at least for the past 53 years.



Copyright 2009