If you ever took the time to ask
me what my favorite word is, I’d say
it’s a word you don’t understand
because it’s in a language foreign
to you, more and more often
foreign to me. I’d say
I sometimes doubt its meaning
when it only seems tangible
on paper and the lips of strangers.
I’d say it expresses everything
I crave for and hides just
as much. I’d tell you
the word, slowly, tasting it,
rolling it over my unaccustomed
tongue, pursing my lips
just enough to make it seem like
the effort that it isn’t.
I’d say ljubezen. Amore. Liebe. Love.
And you wouldn’t understand
and I wouldn’t know
how to translate.

Some of Brigita Pavsic's recent and forthcoming publications include short stories  and poems in Rose & Thorn Magazine, Autumn Sky Poetry,
Static Movement, Your Messages, and others. She lives in Slovenia, where she works as a literary translator. You can read her blog at:


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