Lucky To Be A Boy
 "Many families in India, including those in the middle-class, continue to voluntarily abort female fetuses at alarmingly
high rates." -


Rain-soaked waves of wind
bawled outside the leaky door,
jostling to sneak through the
wooden cracks.
Mother said nothing when
she entered,
just ran to an unlit corner
and cried.
Baby-stepped next to her,
the kitten rubbed against
Mother's leg and sat there,
cradled in the loop of her sari
and somewhere I hear Father
drinking water from the earthen pot,
loud gulps sparring
with her gentle sobs.
I have seen this before:
Mother lying balled in darkness,
her belly the inside
of a poached shell.

Published in over forty literary journals, including elimae, Haggard and Halloo, and Boston Literary Magazine, Ajay Vishwanathan finds release in writing. He works with bugs that he cannot see, on experiments that might find a cure one day. He lives in Georgia with his lovely wife and lovable twins. So, he is a grateful man doing things he enjoys doing, surrounded by people he adores.

Copyright 2009