Without it we'd be lazy things,
unafraid of what the next day brings.
We would put things off today
because what's the hurry anyway?
Our love would mean little,
and the world would fill up
with us faster than it does.
Dying is the redeeming fire.
It is the pearl of great price.
Dying tells us who we are.
It turns out we are just us.
It is the source of poignancy.
When our adored says no,
death rejoices because now
it gets all of you.
It is the cleaner-upper.
Scrubbing away the toughest stain.
It guarantees relief
for every living man.
We might never look at one another
with tears in our eyes and thus
never quite see who we are.

Mike Finley is a Pushcart winner, and author over 200 books and 100 videos. Mike was awarded the 2010 KPV Kerouac Award, a lifetime achievement honor. In his spare time Mike edits LIEF Magazine, with Master Bread Baker Danny Klecko.


In 2009 my daughter Daniele took her life. The years after that were very hard and bitter, with me wondering if the grief would ever lift. Gradually I found myself becoming ore philosophical about it, and "Hooray For Dying" was one of the explorations I made. It's both sympathetic and satirical -- and it even has an environmental twang. Obviously, if no one ever died, we'd be one hell of a mess down here.




Copyright 2009