My fingers delve into the silky strands, arranging and rearranging until her
hair falls perfectly into place.  I watch closely for her reaction, but her ethereal
face remains expressionless.  She doesn't blink when the wine-scented
mist, cool and refreshing, settles over her auburn waves like gossamer. 

"Do you like it?" I finally ask, searching her eyes for any sign of unhappiness. 

She says nothing and her silence fills the room with everything I need to know. 
I wonder if my artistry will ever be appreciated. 

Swallowing my disappointment,  I caress her head one last time before placing it on
the shelf  beside the others.

Jennifer is an aspiring novelist who writes thrillers and mainstream fiction with dark 
elements. The murkier the better.

I mainly write novels, and they always start out as one image, one snapshot of a character and whatever emotion he or she is feeling at that moment in time. Sometimes it stays a single snapshot, and sometimes it grows into a book. The concept for this very short story came late one night while I was exploring the theme of unrequited love.  The result didn't turn out quite how I expected, but then again, it never does.



Copyright 2009