I know that you must visit India
To see the bright sparks of your beginning,
And I know I cannot travel with you.

I wish you all the loud joy that you can bear,
I hope you see all seven shades of orange
That veer from gold to gold,
That swirl like molten ore
Or the passions of young parents.
Shroud yourself within them,
Laugh within their warmth.

I also pray that you find stillness there
And coast across it like a ripple.
You will see the ancient, browning grays
And the greens grown fat on rain,
And perhaps an eye will turn you to a tree,
Still, firm, responsive to the winds,
But rooted.

And when you transform into yourself again,
The way an old story does when told today,
I hope you will return to me

And lead me back to where you have lately been.

Originally from Arkansas, John Schellhase is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. 
In 2007, he received the Walton Fellowship in Translation for his work with Greek poetry.

A few months ago my girlfriend went to India to visit her parents who live there.  I couldn't afford the airfare.  After a few days without her, I wrote this poem.



Copyright 2009