In my father’s house, there’s a photograph
of a little boy with dark blue eyes and a faded smile.

Dark blue eyes that peek from behind the blanket,
watch as the shadow crawls off the floor and onto the wall
and shut quickly when the ears hear, “come here son”.

Dark blue eyes that burn into the wooden carvings of
trains and planes on the headboard, as father’s hands
grab the pale flesh of his smooth, plump cheeks.

Dark blue eyes that leak salty tears as daddy shatters
what could be, and breathlessly whispers –“this is our little secret”
– until the coward warrior falls back to sleep beneath grey trousers.

Red rivers inundate toward the white sailboats in the ocean
blue of the bed sheets. Red rivers that drift me back
to the moment of the photograph, in my father’s house.

Ahmani is a 21 year old young lady and recent Biomedical Engineering graduate of the University of Miami. Writing has always been her passion. She has been published in the Mangrove Online Journal at the University, and has contributed to her college yearbook. Ahmani is currently pursuing her graduate education.

I have had the opportunity to volunteer with many children who have suffered from various kinds and levels of abuse. This poem was written as a tribute to all those who have suffered from any form of abuse, more specifically for those silent survivors who too often do not speak up. 



Copyright 2009