I sighed at the mountain before me

Impassable and insurmountable

Full of color and fetid odors

The accumulated growth of an eternity

This would not be an ordinary task

To scale this beast to its zenith

The climb will be tedious

It will leave me drained and dried

There is nothing to do but begin

Legs first followed by the arms

Sometimes gentle sometimes bulky

sometimes hot, sometimes cold

The color gives way to pure white

The end is near, my breathing raspy

For I have washed my separated laundry

Everest conquered, now the folding begins.

Most of Karthik Viswanathan's writing is in an esoteric language known as ABAP, the programming language of
the ERP software SAP. Karthik enjoys the IT consulting work he does and is a fledgling author of a few poems (all




Copyright 2009