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Great stories; it was my honor to read them.

The Glow
Natural, peaceful, purple in the dusky sky. This story shines through the death of loved ones, through dark dreams, to offer protection. Elaine's Glow offers one last chance for memories before burning them all away.

Rocking The Dust
When Jim Morrison wrote the lyrics, Wild Child, full of grace, he was thinking of this story by Douglas. Yet, triumph and freedom come crashing down with the buildings, and everything proceeds after brief clouds are blown away.

We Were Late
A picture of Americana, growing up and the flash memories it entails. Paint this story from Mel, and we will recognize everyone in it.

Warhol on Postcards
Compton splashes purity white under a grey window in a grey world and starts the life story. From the million
postcard memories, I want one to tuck in my shirt, keep me warm.
On A Date
This offering from Ethel is heartbreakingly sad from the first couple lines. As we move from climax to ending, we fear this storyline. Fear the thought of wishing for more time instead of wishing for the world.

Happy September 11
Jason alludes to interaction with things you do not know, do not understand. Yet, the right thing is completed, whether by internal guilt or free will, whichever.

Nothing Too Good For My Boys
The last ones standing are few: there's not many of us left with a sigh. Sacrifice comes in many forms, and as
they pass and we pass, Jack's Nothing ponders, is it even called sacrifice anymore?

Isla Vista 1970
The downward spiral and transformation of juvenile attitude to loss of innocence. Like the young girls in Gay's Isla Vista, everything waiting for the breeze to pull you into the street fires.

Scouring The Plumes
The blight will get to us, all of us - some may remember it, some may dream it (with open eyes or closed). Forget the stories and plans that promise regained purity, Ajay's Plumes is a lingering moment that you need to stash away.
Without A Trace
This flash from Len reminds us that no one, absolutely no one, knows fear like a parent. To hear a father say, He was a good boy, is devastating. It takes all the moments of story sunshine (the hope for others to walk away with Howie's prize money) and clouds them over.

The Day My Brother Made The Earth Stand Still
With innocence and imagination, Nathaniel transforms tragedy into complete victory. The New Madrid Fault remains safe, but it has been 20 years, and the Earth has its demands.

- BL Pawelek

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