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The mission of the Foundling Review is to help a writer to follow a professional path, to find a place in the literary process, to promote the disclosure of creative abilities. There are many recipes and methods for this, but the main ones are presented on our website: information about modern literary processes, the possibility of being published in the best literary publications, and improving writing skills through communication with leading paper writers.

We provide organizers of literary events with convenient tools for their audience attainment and potential participants. We offer readers in the era of unlimited content a direction, and a navigator in literature. After all, human life is not enough to read all the most important works in the Western tradition, not to mention the traditions of the world.

The creative path of an essay writer begins by providing research paper help or via publications in magazines. They represent a certain cross-section of the cultural process.

The best modern prose, poetry, and criticism are printed. However, it is not easy to qualify for such a publication. Often, a talented author does not even have direct access to such projects, their letter is lost among hundreds of others, they do not know about the requirements, focus, and specifics, and sometimes simply lack the experience and confidence that can be gained by publishing in less serious print media publications.

Our leaders take care of the authors, organize meetings, invite others to exhibitions, teach, acquaint with the literary process. Printing in such publications helps to improve professional skills, gain experience with a publisher, or at least, get the first printed book, and maybe find literary friends.

Writing only to the uninitiated may seem like an easy job that requires little effort or time. However, it is hard work that requires constant attention and practice to hone your writing style. That is why you should not ignore paper help from qualified specialists who will help in editing and proofreading your texts. Thanks to cooperation with qualified specialists, you can not only find your recognizable writing style but also make it more literate, acquire new skills and be able to focus on finding forms and plots for your essays in the future. Our experts understand the importance of honing your skills and provide expert help.

Online publishing is an important part of any author's creative development. This is a quick transfer to work and the ability to share creativity with friends and readers. In addition, Internet publications have a significant readership.

The popularity of the essay writer is facilitated not only by publications in print and online publications but also by participation in various creative projects.

Among them are recordings on radio, TV, Internet channels, meetings with writers, readers, and lovers of literature in libraries, museums, and other cultural places. What is more, such projects often become a kind of "entry point" into the literary process, the beginning of the author's creative socialization.

The period when a copywriter begins to think about his style is a serious step towards immersion in the profession. If a copywriter sets out to understand how to form his own style, then he is already head and shoulders above the rest, a bright future awaits him. He is working on himself and this will be appreciated by visitors in the form of positive feedback from articles. When the author sees progress in the work, it motivates him to develop, pushes him to improve. You need to develop your own style of writing. If you want to become a writer, the samedayessay company will help with the paperwork and editing of the works you have already written.

We offer you critical analysis and proofreading from editors of magazines, professors of philological universities, heads of creative workshops, leading critics, famous poets, prose writers, and literary critics, who are ready to invite talented authors to their projects.

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